Your Adventure Awaits

Taking part in adventure activities will allow each person their own individual challenge, an opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors, and benefit both physically and mentally from the experience. Our programmes have been designed to allow everyone, regardless of ability, to enhance their skills, confidence, performance and knowledge through engaging in embracing activities.

A Supporting Step to Recovery

Regardless if you are an elite athlete, someone wishing to gain further skills and knowledge for outdoor awards, or someone suffering with any form of physical or mental illness, Extreme Outdoors are here to listen to your needs. Designed to promote confidence and help accelerate physical, psychological and social improvements, our focus is on what you can do, not what you can't.

No Boundaries

Just treading into the great outdoors is the first step to improving your wellbeing. By providing our experiences, to individuals, businesses and charities, we strive to meet the needs of each participant, adapting to changing conditions and individual motivations and goals. This will be achieved whilst managing, controlling and exploiting risks, to help support learning and development during their exposure in the great outdoors.

Led by our founder, Sip Powers, we work with participants to prove that there are no boundaries to what individuals can achieve, if they put their mind to it and truly believe in themselves. With a proud military service spanning over thirty years, Sip has worked with some extraordinary and inspirational groups of people, both in peace time and on operations, that journey now continuing into a new phase, supporting others to believe and take steps to recovery.

Rope Access Services

Rope Access

Industrial rope access is a form of work positioning, initially developed from techniques used in climbing, which applies practical ropework to allow workers to access difficult to reach locations. Technicians descend, ascend, and traverse ropes for access and work while suspended by their harness. The support of two independent ropes is intended to eliminate the likelihood of a fall. A backup fall arrest system is used in case of the unlikely failure of the primary means of support.
Aerial Surveying

Aerial Surveying

Sip qualified as a GVC Drone Pilot in 2023. He has conducted a number of projects ranging from aerial photography and drone cinematography, assisting in capturing athletes performing in outdoor activities, and surveying buildings and landmasses. We are partnered with Coptrz, a corporate sponsor, who continue to deliver support and advice. Qualifications and certification documents are available on request, with all work completed with insurance, in compliance with all regulatory standards.
Moutaineering Experiences and Expeditions


There is no greater sense of freedom than being in the mountains with the chance to escape from the rules and constraints of modern day society. The excitement of discovery, reaching distant summits and being alive to the risks and dangers add to the experience, with the opportunity to immerse yourself into the natural environment and be at one with mother nature. Sip is a qualified and experienced International Mountain Leader, all expeditions undertaken to push the boundaries as safely as possible.
Climbing Experiences and Expeditions


Rock climbing is a journey. For some it is a mental and physical challenge overcoming fears or requiring hours of training and discipline. For others it is a way of life, but for many it is a recreational sport enjoyed in social groups or with friends. Climbing is a great way to build confidence and increase focus, enjoyed at a local indoor climbing walls, boulders and outcrops, to extremes of sea cliffs and remote mountain crags. All varieties of climbing can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of age, gender or ability.
Kayaking Experience Days

Paddle Sport

The modern paddler enjoys a primitive battle with a hostile environment, equipped only marginally better than his primitive forebears. That’s how I was introduced to kayaking over forty years ago, and the same is still true today. We have come a long way in technology since then, but there is no better adventure than paddling down a Grade 3 rapid, expeditioning along rivers and lakes in an open canoe, or navigating across coastal estuaries and open seas. Your voyage awaits!
Outdoor Coaching Services


During my 34 years of military service the majority of my time, regardless of rank, was spent coaching and mentoring, and helping others to develop and achieve their goals. I was fortunate enough to become an instructor in both military skills disciplines and adventure training, gaining high level awards and qualifiying as a Master Coach. My greatest satisfaction is making a difference and seeing first hand the impact that positivity can have on peoples lives. For me, it's a chance to give something back.
Team Building Experiences and Expeditions

Team Building

Any business, organisation, charity or collection of individuals will benefit from the action or process of assisting a group of people to work together effectively as a team, especially by means of activities and events designed to increase motivation and promote cooperation. This has been the backbone of my military service for over three decades both in barracks and on operations, now playing an important role in all of the adventure training activities we offer. Teamwork helps to make the dream work.


Sip has received national recognition and awards for his high level of fundraising. Nothing is too big an idea or challenge with the right level of logistics and planning in place. Sip recently completed the Enduro214 raising thousands of pounds for Combat Stress, taking on one of the hardest endurance challenges in the country by scaling all two hundred and fourteen Wainwright mountains in a single self supported round. This was fundraising to its extreme, but all fundraising events can be advised on, and supported.
Event Coordination

Event Coordination

Through his vast amount of military experience, Sip has organised literally hundreds of expeditions, courses and activities over the last two decades. From climbing Mount Kenya, paddling across Scotland and trekking to Everest basecamp, he can coordinate, budget and plan any activity based on your itinerary and goals, from cradle to grave. From single day expeditions to adventures taking weeks, on home soil and further afield, get in touch today and create your next adventure, coordinated to the finest detail.

Latest News and
Upcoming Events

On our blog you'll find information about our upcoming events, expeditions or any news you might want to be aware of.

26th March 2024

Ben Nevis the Hard Way

On Sunday 24th March 2024 Sip and Scott from Elite Guides were part of a small team to support Jay from Crawl 4 Help as he attempted to complete a winter ascent of the highest mountain in the UK, Ben Nevis 1345m, crawling on his hands and knees! Jay has also crawled the Yorkshire 3 Peaks and various bridges including the Humber Bridge. We set...
6th November 2023

Points of Light

So, it’s been two months since the successful completion of the Enduro214 and a lot has happened. Unfortunately, Sip's body still hasn’t fully recovered but he is in safe hands with neurology specialists so we won’t dwell on the negatives too much. Sip has been very fortunate to have travelled down to London three times, firstly as a judge for...
31st August 2023

The Mountain Within

Let’s not beat around the bush, there was a reason for completing probably one of the toughest challenges in the UK, which until the 26th August 2023 only six people in history had ever completed. To put that into context, more people have stepped foot on the moon. After being medically discharged from the British Army last year after completing...

Why Use
Extreme Outdoors?

Experiences in miltary service have taught me to listen and learn, and in turn develop and deliver effective coaching and training to bring out the best in people. There really are no boundaries to what individuals can achieve if they put their mind to it and truly believe in themselves.


Awarded national recognition for his charity and fundraising initiatives and gaining professional mountaineer status, all activities from us are managed by safe hands. With over a decade of adaptative adventure training experience working with BattleBack, we have the knowledge and experience to assist with rehabilitation to enable participation in meaningful and challenging recreational activities catered on individual needs. We aim to emphasise each persons abilities and promote safe and careful adaptation, be it physical or psychological wellbeing.

Mental Health

Just treading into the great outdoors is the first step to improving your mental health and wellbeing. As an ambassador for Combat Stress, the country's leading charity for veterans mental health, we are acutely aware of issues like post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression, supporting former servicemen and women through complex mental health issues related to military service. By providing our services and dedicating our time to fundraising, we strive to give back and really make a difference to those who need us.

What Our
Customers Say

Striving for continuous improvement, both personally and professionally, we encourage customers to leave comments, which helps us in making the experience better for everyone. Read some of our recent feedback below.
  • Lewis

    "Things that I learned from this experience were communication, leadership and friendship."
  • Paul

    "This was the first time I’ve ever experienced the wet and dry routine, but it works surprisingly well."
  • Kris

    "It was amazing being back in the hills again and amongst good people and a really great instructor."
  • Lewis

    "Thank you again Sip for an amazing experience in the mountains. No further room for improvement."
  • Paul

    "I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sip for his expert advice and company during this exped."
  • Kris

    "The course was well prepared and delivered really well by an exceptionally experienced instructor."
  • Paul

    "I'm really interested in geology, flora and fauna, although it was not favourable enough to dwell too long."
  • Kris

    "It was great to test myself physically in arduous and testing conditions, and a feeling that I could go further."
  • Paul

    "Conditions in the hills would have been incredibly challenging without the correct advice and planning."
  • Kris

    "I realised I had forgotten some hill basics, which it was great to cover during the course."
  • Chris

    "Thank you for an amazing experience in the mountains that I won't forget for a long time."
  • David

    "The expedition was mentally and physically challenging, but you gave support every step of the way."
  • Paul

    "This country never fails to surprise me, and so few people even scratch the surface of what's out there."
  • Monica

    "I learned that I'm stronger and more capable than I thought I would be, which was a great feeling."
  • Kris

    "Fantastic experience, and nothing instantly springs to mind on how the course could be improved."

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Sip on an Outdoor Mountaineering Expedition
Outdoor Mountaineering Expedition
Group on an Outdoor Mountaineering Expedition
Alpine Mountaineering Expedition
Group on an Outdoor Mountaineering Expedition
Reflection on an Outdoor Mountaineering Expedition
Sip on an Alpine Mountaineering Expedition
Sip on an Outdoor Mountaineering Expedition
Reflection on an Outdoor Mountaineering Expedition
Alpine Outdoor Mountaineering Expedition
Outdoor Mountaineering Expedition
Group on an Outdoor Mountaineering Expedition
Group on an Outdoor Mountaineering Expedition

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