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26th March 2024

Ben Nevis the Hard Way

On Sunday 24th March 2024 Sip and Scott from Elite Guides were part of a small team to support Jay from Crawl 4 Help as he attempted to complete a winter ascent of the highest mountain in the UK, Ben Nevis 1345m, crawling on his hands and knees! Jay has also crawled the Yorkshire 3 Peaks and various bridges including the Humber Bridge. We set...
6th November 2023

Points of Light

So, it’s been two months since the successful completion of the Enduro214 and a lot has happened. Unfortunately, Sip's body still hasn’t fully recovered but he is in safe hands with neurology specialists so we won’t dwell on the negatives too much. Sip has been very fortunate to have travelled down to London three times, firstly as a judge for...
31st August 2023

The Mountain Within

Let’s not beat around the bush, there was a reason for completing probably one of the toughest challenges in the UK, which until the 26th August 2023 only six people in history had ever completed. To put that into context, more people have stepped foot on the moon. After being medically discharged from the British Army last year after completing...
26th July 2023


That's it, all the replen stashes are in place and its less than a week to go until H hour. There is no turning back now. I just hope the weather is kind, as the long-range forecast is not looking good! I wanted to use this final opportunity to say thank you to all the corporate sponsors who have supported me to make this endurance challenge les...
20th July 2023

The Final Push

With less than two weeks until H Hour (0600hrs Tuesday 1st August 2023) a number of meetings and presentations over two days were arranged in the capital city. The first day started with a presentation held within RAF Northolt at my spiritual home British Forces Post Office. I was met by WO1 Paul Caveill and escorted around the now mainly automa...
10th July 2023

Planning Replenishment

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail! I made the decision as part of the planning process to visit all eight of the replen sites, to ensure the areas would be safe and suitable to stash these essential 3 days of supplies. I was very fortunate to be accompanied by Alan Hinkes for the entire day as we drove around 60% of the outer route. Once a...
28th June 2023

No Plan Survives First Contact

My life has been consumed with planning and logistic preparation for the Enduro214. We have all read and seen on social media some of the amazing challenges that have been achieved, like Jamie Aarons 31 day record of a continuous round of the Munros. What you won’t read about is the preparation, planning and logistics that, without being in plac...
19th May 2023

Helvellyn Training Route

In the middle of May I managed to get out for a complete dry run training weekend for the upcoming Enduro214 event. I was joined by Jim, an ex Royal Marine, who has received support from Combat Stress. We were really lucky to have arguably one of the best mountaineers in the UK, Alan Hinkes along for part of the journey too. We all walked int...
4th May 2023

The Last Wilderness

During the last week of April 2023 (before the midges strike) I travelled all the way up to the North West of Scotland to spend some time with my good friend Geoff at his parents house in Scourie. The plan was to tackle a number of mountain summits we had talked about over the years but via packraft. Packrafting is pretty new to the UK but ha...
19th April 2023

Young Mountaineers

I was fortunate enough to work with two young lads (twins), Ben and Andrew and take them out on a two-day mini mountain expedition in the Loch Lomond area of Scotland. We started the night before going through packing lists, erecting tents and learning how to prepare your own food. After some map recces of potential planned routes with basic int...
12th April 2023

Moving Forward with Combat Stress

On 30th March 2023 I was honoured to be asked to attend the Combat Stress Open Day held at their HQ at Tywhitt House in Leatherhead. It was inspirational to hear first hand from veterans who had been supported by Combat Stress in their darkest hours and had now stepped out into the light. I was taken aback by all the work completed by the variou...
26th March 2023

Wild Ennerdale

On Sunday 19th March a team of three clients, one veteran and two of his colleagues, gathered at Low Gillerthwaite Field Centre for the start of Extreme Outdoors first Mountain Foundation Course. This would consist of everything a relative novice would need to know to obtain the skills and knowledge to stay safe in a mountainous environment cond...
15th March 2023

Winter Mountaineering

Sip has just returned from almost 3 weeks in Scotland conducting winter mountaineering, firstly with Polaris Mountaineering Club (PMC) and then straight on to his Winter Mountain Leader Training course with Scotch on the Rocks Guiding. Even though he already holds the military equivalent, it is now important to transfer all these skills to civil...
16th November 2022

Mental Health Outdoors

Sip attended a British Mountaineering Council (BMC) coordinated Mental Health in the Outdoors seminar this weekend, held at the National Outdoor Centre in Plas-y-Brenin. There were opportunities to complete mental health first aid refreshers and gain insight and understanding on numerous other related topics such as safeguarding, anxiety and man...
4th November 2022

Lifetime Achievement

Last week Sip attended the Soldiering On Awards, an annual event recognising the outstanding achievements of those who have served our country. Held at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge, Sip was nominated by friends and colleagues for a Lifetime Achievement Award, with over 650 guests gathering on the evening, including representatives from all ...
14th October 2022

Soldiering On Awards

Sip has been fortunate enough to have been nominated for two awards at this year’s Soldering on Awards. The finalist Gala Dinner will be held in the Park Plaza Hotel in central London on Thursday 27th October 2022. In recognition for the Enduro7 held in 2021 and for over 20 years dedication in support of wounded, injured and sick service personn...
28th August 2022

Supporting Veterans

Offering experience days and expeditions to veterans and injured service personnel is our chance to make a difference to those dedicated people who have given their life, soul and livelihoods to their country, who now need your help in their time of need. We take great pride in helping to support veterans by providing our experiences, also being...
  • Lewis

    "Things that I learned from this experience were communication, leadership and friendship."
  • Paul

    "This was the first time I’ve ever experienced the wet and dry routine, but it works surprisingly well."
  • Kris

    "It was amazing being back in the hills again and amongst good people and a really great instructor."
  • Lewis

    "Thank you again Sip for an amazing experience in the mountains. No further room for improvement."
  • Paul

    "I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sip for his expert advice and company during this exped."
  • Kris

    "The course was well prepared and delivered really well by an exceptionally experienced instructor."
  • Paul

    "I'm really interested in geology, flora and fauna, although it was not favourable enough to dwell too long."
  • Kris

    "It was great to test myself physically in arduous and testing conditions, and a feeling that I could go further."
  • Paul

    "Conditions in the hills would have been incredibly challenging without the correct advice and planning."
  • Kris

    "I realised I had forgotten some hill basics, which it was great to cover during the course."
  • Chris

    "Thank you for an amazing experience in the mountains that I won't forget for a long time."
  • David

    "The expedition was mentally and physically challenging, but you gave support every step of the way."
  • Paul

    "This country never fails to surprise me, and so few people even scratch the surface of what's out there."
  • Monica

    "I learned that I'm stronger and more capable than I thought I would be, which was a great feeling."
  • Kris

    "Fantastic experience, and nothing instantly springs to mind on how the course could be improved."
Sip on an Outdoor Mountaineering Expedition
Outdoor Mountaineering Expedition
Group on an Outdoor Mountaineering Expedition
Alpine Mountaineering Expedition
Group on an Outdoor Mountaineering Expedition
Reflection on an Outdoor Mountaineering Expedition
Sip on an Alpine Mountaineering Expedition
Sip on an Outdoor Mountaineering Expedition
Reflection on an Outdoor Mountaineering Expedition
Alpine Outdoor Mountaineering Expedition
Outdoor Mountaineering Expedition
Group on an Outdoor Mountaineering Expedition
Group on an Outdoor Mountaineering Expedition

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