In August 2023 Sip successfully completed a self-supported round of all 214 Wainwrights in the Lake District. He covered a total distance of 710km and climbed 43528m, carrying full expedition kit weighing over 20kgs, completing 30km and 1500m of ascent on average per day. He is now only the 7th person in history to complete this colossal event, all in aid of raising the profile of Combat Stress.

Fundraising for Combat Stress

Sip embarked on the ultra-endurance challenge from Keswick on 1st August 2023 and remained in the mountains for 26 days. He battled some of the worst weather since records began, including Storm Betty with winds in excess of 60mph. We believe Sip is the first person with serious health issues to have completed this expedition. He has Type One diabetes, autoimmune syndrome and, having undergone major surgery, now has a permanent stoma.

He is now only be the 7th person to have scaled all the Wainwrights in one attempt. More people have stepped foot on the moon! Sip carried full expedition gear weighing over 20kgs, and remained in the hills for the entire duration. Covering a distance of approximately 30km and ascending 1500m per day, he finished 25 days later, one more Mount Everest than planned for good measure. Find out more, see the journey and donate today.

Follow the Journey

Sip doesn’t believe in obstacles. Anything can be achieved through proper planning, perseverance and persistence. You can follow progress through this gruelling challenge by watching the video diary below. A full feed of daily activity through the challenge can be found over on his Strava profile. Frequency and accuracy of this data will be subject to mobile and satellite phone reception on any given day. Share the love and make a donation through our Just Giving profile. Every penny makes a difference to the two million veterans in need of support.

6th November 2023

Points of Light

So, it’s been two months since the successful completion of the Enduro214 and a lot has happened. Unfortunately, Sip's body still hasn’t fully recovered but he is in safe hands with neurology specialists so we won’t dwell on the negatives too much. Sip has been very fortunate to have travelled down to London three times, firstly as a judge for this years Soldiering on Awards 2023. It was amazing to actually meet so many of the nominees who he had previously read about earlier in the year. It was particularly rewarding to be sat a...
31st August 2023

The Mountain Within

Let’s not beat around the bush, there was a reason for completing probably one of the toughest challenges in the UK, which until the 26th August 2023 only six people in history had ever completed. To put that into context, more people have stepped foot on the moon. After being medically discharged from the British Army last year after completing 34 years of service, and suddenly losing Bessy our incredible Staffy in January of the same year, I came close to taking my own life. I was ashamed, embarrassed, I felt like a coward and...
26th July 2023


That's it, all the replen stashes are in place and its less than a week to go until H hour. There is no turning back now. I just hope the weather is kind, as the long-range forecast is not looking good! I wanted to use this final opportunity to say thank you to all the corporate sponsors who have supported me to make this endurance challenge less daunting, and a reality. Without your help it would have been extremely difficult to raise the profile of the event and expensive to manage. Arguably its wrong to name individuals, but ...
20th July 2023

The Final Push

With less than two weeks until H Hour (0600hrs Tuesday 1st August 2023) a number of meetings and presentations over two days were arranged in the capital city. The first day started with a presentation held within RAF Northolt at my spiritual home British Forces Post Office. I was met by WO1 Paul Caveill and escorted around the now mainly automated shop floor by the head of BFPO Andy Wright. Both soldiers I have served with in the past and it was great to catch up with military and civilian staff. I then delivered an Enduro214 pres...
10th July 2023

Planning Replenishment

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail! I made the decision as part of the planning process to visit all eight of the replen sites, to ensure the areas would be safe and suitable to stash these essential 3 days of supplies. I was very fortunate to be accompanied by Alan Hinkes for the entire day as we drove around 60% of the outer route. Once again, he came into his own by selecting key areas that I had planned with buildings and people that he knew that may help. Sure enough we spoke to the owners of Lowthaite B&B, Tine an...
28th June 2023

No Plan Survives First Contact

My life has been consumed with planning and logistic preparation for the Enduro214. We have all read and seen on social media some of the amazing challenges that have been achieved, like Jamie Aarons 31 day record of a continuous round of the Munros. What you won’t read about is the preparation, planning and logistics that, without being in place, these things just wouldn’t happen. I’ve already stated it would be very difficult for me to take the fell runners’ lines set by the likes of Paul Tierney, but this was the base plate f...
19th May 2023

Helvellyn Training Route

In the middle of May I managed to get out for a complete dry run training weekend for the upcoming Enduro214 event. I was joined by Jim, an ex Royal Marine, who has received support from Combat Stress. We were really lucky to have arguably one of the best mountaineers in the UK, Alan Hinkes along for part of the journey too. We all walked into Red Tarn at the foot of the Helvellyn range surrounded by the classic scrambling ridges, Striding and Swirral Edge. Once there we set up our base camp and walked up to Catstye Cam (890m) f...

Red Arrows Support

During my assignments in RAF Akrotiri I had many opportunities to meet the Red Arrows crews. I feel blessed to have had their support, and am honoured that they took the time to send a message of support. Thank you for everything you do to represent our country.

Fly the Route

Taking nearly a month to complete and averaging over half a marathon a day on challenging terrain, you can fly the whole route below by clicking the plane icon in the bottom left. Use the controls in the bottom right to change your perspective.

The Route Plan

Each day of Sip’s expedition was meticulously planned to include replenishment and hydration stops, with relatively safe wild camping venues, whilst covering all 214 summits within the timeframe. A slightly different and longer route than those used for speed records was taken, as it is not safe to take a fell runners line with full expedition pack on your back.

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Five Times Everest

Ascending all two hundred and fourteen summits, Sip covered over 700 kilometres (over 430 miles) and ascended 43,528 metres. In context, this is five times the elevation of Mount Everest from sea level, carrying full expedition gear.

Event Sponsors

The following businesses and organisations have supported us on our journey, in the aim of raising funds and awareness for military veterens. We are massively grateful for the support, and welcome other businesses to join the team.

Web Studios Ltd

Web Studios Ltd

This website and all of our marketing materials have been crafted with love by one of our key sponsors, who have supported us over a period of months to bring our design vision for the company to fruition. Web Studios is a long established website design and marketing agency based in Lincolnshire, specialising in website design, online marketing and brand promotion.


Our active wear, training gear and branded clothing have all been supplied by Motif8, an established workwear company based in Stockton on Tees, who specialise in embroidered and printed clothing. The owner of the business is a great supporter of the armed forces, and previously served a full colour service in the army. They are currently one of the biggest suppliers of clothing for the military.
Great Annual Savings

Great Annual Savings

Dedicated to galvanising people and assets within communities, creating opportunities to maximise impact, we are thrilled to have this company on board. Formed to provide cost saving services to companies in the North East, the business has now grown from a regional enterprise to a national provider, focussed on delivering real value and inspiring business and individuals to make positive change.
Signs Express Preston

Signs Express

We were thrilled by the service offered by Signs Express in Preston, who supplied and installed our van graphics earlier in the year. Sponsoring our company by providing a discount on services provided, we thoroughly recommend the company for the supply of printed or vinyl cut graphics, with special thanks to the management team at the Preston branch for their understanding and enthusiasm.
Opal Access

Opal Access

This fantastic company offers a range of specialised rope access services, with work carried out by appropriately qualified personnel working throughout the country and around the continent. All team members are fully qualified IRATA personnel with extensive experience and technical training in rope access, specialised in maintenance and repair and building inspection techniques.
Chamois Consulting

Chamois Consulting

Chamois Consulting is based in Bristol, operating across a broad spectrum of sectors including engineering, defence, aerospace, energy, automotive, motorsport, marine, leisure and travel. They work together with clients to define and deliver strategies to achieve their aims, win business and grow. The CEO Jamie Clarke was Sip's first ever Troop Commander and remained an inspiration to him ever since.
Remote Trauma

Remote Trauma

Remote Trauma is a London based, solution centric organisation providing a dedicated and personalised service for complex production risks. The company takes pride in always going above and beyond, which is why they are viewed as best in their class by many. Sip has worked for the company as one of their rope access specialists, selected for his professional mountaineering and rope access expertise.


Coptrz take pride in providing complete commercial drone solutions, delivered through world leading drones, cameras, software, training and ongoing support. Sip completed his commercial drone pilot GVC licence with this company, through their military Enhanced Learning Credit scheme. To this day, he has continued to receive their expert advice and support, which is massively appreciated.
Youth Hostel Association

Youth Hostel Association

The YHA believe in the power of travel and adventure. To connect people to each other, to nature and the outdoors, to culture and to heritage. Hostelling makes travel and adventure accessible to everyone, everywhere. This charity operates over 150 sites throughout England and Wales, a community of shared spaces, open to all and for the benefit of everybody, providing inclusive adventures in amazing places.
AJ Services Engineering

AJ Services Engineering

An established fabrication company, built upon an envious reputation through the construction and rail industry, this company deals with all areas of fabrication, providing a fast and efficient turnaround to meet client requirements based on experience and expertise. Company director James is a fellow member of the Polaris Mountaineering Club who Sip recently guided during the PMC Winter Meet.
Expedition Foods

Expedition Foods

Established in 1995, Expedition Foods provides quality freeze-dried meals to internationally acclaimed explorers, rowers, sailors, endurance athletes and mountaineers, as well as military personnel and rescue teams around the world. Sip has been using arctic style rations supplied by the company for many years, proven to keep his blood sugars at the right level after arduous activity whilst on exercise, expeditions and ops.
Ardblair Sports Importers

Ardblair Sports Importers

Founded for over forty years, this company has grown from strength-to-strength in the outdoor, winter sports and trail running sectors. Home of Aku and Leki branded leiure products, the company offers pioneering, innovative, quality products distributed throughout the UK and Ireland. Sip has used Aku tactical boots on many of his operational deployments and Leki poles for all of his winter mountaineering trips.
Hat Trick Productions

Hat Trick

Hat Trick Productions was founded in 1986 and has grown into one of the country’s leading producers of comedy, drama and entertainment, regularly bringing to the screen distinctive and popular series. Sip met the Managing Director, Jimmy Mulville who absolutely grasped the issues with mental health that Combat Stress are trying to support. Secretly Sip is also a big fan of the Derry Girls, but don't tell anyone.


Regatta began their adventure back in 1981, when the outdoors was about intrepid explorers. Encouraging people to get out, they started making great products that people could afford, clothing to get people outside and enjoying the fresh air, without worrying what it would cost. That’s still what counts, and they’re still doing it. Sip used Regatta products when he was in the Army Youth Team, clothing two thousand students each year to keep them safe in the hills.


Established in 1999, Patron Capital Partners has evolved into one of the leading opportunistic real estate managers in Europe. Since its founding, Patron has raised a total of nearly five billion euros from institutional and high net worth investors around the globe. Sip was fortunate to meet the CEO Keith Breslauer who is the Vice Patron of the RMA-Royal Marines Charity and a senior patron to multiple veteran and outdoor related charities. Patron and Keith are sponsoring and helping to raise the profile for Combat Stress.

Lyon Equipment

Way back in 1965, Ben Lyon, aided by engineer brother Graham, started making caving ladders. Lyon are now a leading distributer of quality climbing, mountaineering and other outdoor equipment to retailers throughout the country. Sip has used Lyon for many years to purchase all his La Sportiva footwear, and will be wearing the new Jackal II Boa for the journey. Lyon have provided all his ultra lightweight exped gear.
Sip on an Outdoor Mountaineering Expedition
Outdoor Mountaineering Expedition
Group on an Outdoor Mountaineering Expedition
Alpine Mountaineering Expedition
Group on an Outdoor Mountaineering Expedition
Reflection on an Outdoor Mountaineering Expedition
Sip on an Alpine Mountaineering Expedition
Sip on an Outdoor Mountaineering Expedition
Reflection on an Outdoor Mountaineering Expedition
Alpine Outdoor Mountaineering Expedition
Outdoor Mountaineering Expedition
Group on an Outdoor Mountaineering Expedition
Group on an Outdoor Mountaineering Expedition

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